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2012 Writing Projects

1. Finish at least one (ideally, two) poetry chapbook(s).

2. NaPoWriMo

3. Novella/chapbook, tentatively titled (insert title here), that has overstayed its welcome in my head.

4. Knock out a couple more short plays.

I assume I'll continue to avoid writing another novel. Just haven't had the urge/ideas/motivation, as of late, and I'd rather focus on shorter forms that seem to allow me to look more closely at language, rhythm, word choice, etc. Novel writing doesn't suit my short attention span, anyway. Not sure how I've managed to write four of them.


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Short Story in Meridian

Once upon a time, I had a dream I opened a chapbook store with Jeff Goldblum. I wrote a poem about it (obviously), which turned into a short story, which Meridian chose to publish in their latest issue. They have a free epub version available on their site, in addition to physical copies for sale.

This is my favorite story I've written, and I couldn't be more thrilled that such a great journal loved it as much as I do.

Poems In Public Pool And Forthcoming Story

I recently had a couple of pop culture poems go up at Public Pool that you can read here. The first one, "Angela Chase Weather Report," is from my chapbook, PLAYING ONE ON TV, about iconic female television characters.

I'm also super excited to have a flash story called "Copy Machine" forthcoming in the next issue of The Conium Review alongside some fabulous writers, including one of my favorites, Shane Jones. Check out the full contributor list here.