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Poem At Tirage Monthly

My poem, July 12, can be read in the newest issue of Tirage Monthly, here. I wrote it shortly after the attempted assassination of Malala Yousafzai, and it's a favorite among stuff I've written recently, so I'm really glad it found a home.

Sub Life

A month ago, I had little hope for my latest batch of poems finding homes in literary journals, but as I sit here typing this, three out of four of them have been taken by some great publications. I'm both thrilled and nervous to go back to my desk and put together another batch to begin sending out.
What's perplexing is that, of the four pieces, the lone poem left over from this group is the one I was most passionate about. And, while I could just write it off as a difference in taste between myself and, oh, every editor within a thousand miles of me who declined it, I'm coming to the realization this is simply one of those cases in which the passion you have for an idea isn't going to ensure a great project comes out of it.
Part of being a writer is having somewhat of an objective view of your limitations, and a difficulty I've had in the past has been accepting that I occasionally don't have the right skills to carry out one of my ideas. The last time this h…

ONEF Now Available

My new poetry chapbook, One Never Eats Four, is finally out in the world and ready for consumption. It contains twenty-five poems I wrote over the last year or so that I'm quite proud of. Anyone looking to pick up a copy may do so through the ELJ Publications Store.

I owe a huge thanks to ELJ's Editor, Ariana den Bleyker, for publishing this, as well as for taking me on as an Associate Editor. Working at a literary press is a dream I honestly didn't know if/when I'd be able to fulfill, but she's helped me achieve it, and it's honestly every bit as rewarding as I expected it to be. I definitely recommend checking out the wide array of titles ELJ has and will publish. I'm so proud of the diversity in content and authors that we publish.

Additionally, here is an ELJ Breaking Bread interview, in which I talk about my work, moming, tank tops, and Disney.