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I've been doing some of that inevitable, silly New Year Syndrome thinking, mainly about my writing and what I hope to accomplish in the near future. Aside from the more concrete goals, lingering in me also is a kind of desire to express myself more authentically than I ever have. I don't know how common this is for other writers, but somewhere between what's in my head and the words that actually get written, there's always a filter keeping the piece I'm writing from being organically "me". It's of me, obviously, but I've begun to feel that's not enough.

And then, strangely, I came across the poem "Ethics" by C.K. Williams:

"I want to act not because I've coerced myself to,
but because I'll have responded from the part of myself
that precedes will, residing in intrinsic not projected virtue."

 Which more or less nails my point. But I wonder how easily any of us could go about even bringing to the surface that burie…