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2015 Writing Goals

1. Write a poem a week.

2. Complete and submit another chapbook.

3. Make progress on a full-length project.

4. Continue publishing in journals, submit to more paying markets.

5. Continue seizing writing and publication opportunities outside poetry (book reviews, essays, fiction, etc.).

It would be great if the fiction-writing part of my brain would resurface this year, kthx.

2014 Book Roudup

From glancing at the lists, this seems to be about what I did in 2013, as well, with maybe slightly more fiction and non-fiction in 2014. Fiction favorites were the much-anticipated Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones and Nobody is Ever Missing by Catherine Lacey (I'm not entirely sure about this, but I'm almost positive I bought the latter through seeing a recommendation by the former. Funny how that works out.). Poetry highlights were one of my first ventures into erasure, Radi OS by Ronald Johnson (a brilliant erasure of Paradise Lost), and Head Off and Split by Nikki Finney (the opening poem, "Red Velvet," about Rosa Parks, blew me away). For non-fiction, Leslie Jamison's The Empathy Exams is, by far, my favorite, followed by Toms River by Dan Fagin, which has some pretty extensive research and reporting (this is, apparently, why some didn't like it, but I'm usually more appreciative of non-fiction in this vein, as opposed to the lighter, more poppy stuff).