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Trout Fishing And Bishop And Poeming

I've been reading some John Ashbery, lately, and, more recently, Elizabeth Bishop, whose work I find very dichotomous in style. She is somewhat known for her attention to detail and her descriptive, objective writings, but her poetry is rarely about her personal life. Not confessional, by any means, but quite detailed from a distance. I may have found this subject matter boring, at one point, but reading her work (and perhaps trying to write poetry of a similar style) teaches you how hard it really is to give a very detailed but objective viewpoint on something, to get really close to something, without developing too much feeling for it. I'm enjoying her work though, if only because it stands as an example of achieving success in writing without too much self exposure.

My reading material has exclusively gone down the "poetry" fork in the road, as of late, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but just the thought of reading fiction now seems unappealing and even…