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One of the stigmas surrounding National Poetry Writing Month (and other events of its kind, such as National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy) is that it compels would-be writers to trudge to their desks for a month and churn something out (that serves the main goal of quantity over quality), while they spend the other eleven months of the year ignoring literature completely. I have but two retorts for that notion. While I don't know how the statistics break down when looking at the entire participant pool, most of the participants I come across are regular year-round writers who take part in these events for various reasons. Personally, I like the change of pace. I write all the time, but certainly not as much as I'd like to have time for, and one month is a decent amount of time in which one can increase focus and output - it's reasonable for most people with busy lives to take on any of these month-long events and accomplish something substantial.

As for others wh…