Sunday, April 29, 2012

April In The Chapbook Arena

A version of the first of my moon poems is in the new issue of scissors and spackle, please read it.

Been reading some good chapbooks and other small books in the past few days. Hooray for small presses. I really don't know what my brain cells and other organs would do without all the good work they produce.

Cataclysm Baby by Matt Bell (Mud Luscious Press, 2012)
Become a father and read this book. In that order.

The Wilhelm Scream by Jeremy Behreandt (Plumberries Press, 2011)
Very awesome poems printed on gray cardstock cards wrapped in a piece of vellum. The packaging alone made me read them over and over.

How the Days of Love and Diptheria by Robert Kloss (Nephew/Mud Luscious Press, 2011)
Such a great, intense, language piece. Hoping this is the start of a lot more great work to come from Kloss. Can't wait for his novella, The Alligators of Abraham, later this year.

The Bible by Gregory Sherl
Not published yet, but it should be. The phrase I keep using is "quietly epic", as it takes on a vast story landscape and whittles all the overarching ideas down to the tiniest stuff. Because maybe it's the little things and not the all-encompassing weight of everything else. Yeah.

Treesisters by Joseph Rippi (Greying Ghost Press, 2012)
Very short, poetic piece that shot something new out at me each time I read it. Beautifully printed, too.

I don't have enough adjectives in my head to be reviewing things, at the moment, so these shoddy descriptions will have to suffice.

Still chugging along on NaPoWriMo. I think it's helped me get all the pop culture references out of my system...maybe. Almost.

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