Thursday, February 11, 2016

Puppy Monkey Poem

This is me stopping in to report that I've been busy and THINGS ARE AFOOT.

- If all goes according to plan, my new chapbook, The Birth Creatures, will drop NEXT WEEK from Agape Editions (that's right, I said "drop," like I'm a god damn rock star and not, er, the opposite of that). It's a kooky little book I wrote last year, and I couldn't be happier that Fox Foley picked it up for her new Sundress Publications imprint. This is my first foray into e-chap publishing, and I'm super excited to reach a wider audience through this medium. Look for the link, soon, y'all.

- The awesome folks at Stirring published my poem, "Color Wheel," in their February issue that you can read here. It's the second published poem from my 90s batch that I wrote last year. The first was "Juliet," which you can check out in Really System here. The overarching theme in this batch is, as always: I still want to be Claire Danes when I grow up.

- Gigantic Sequins is officially OPEN for submissions until March 15, and I'm helping read poetry and CNF. In addition to those categories, they're also looking at fiction and art/comics, so go here to send them stuff. GS is also taking pre-orders for Issue 7.1, which I helped read for, link to purchase here.

- We're hard at work at ELJ Publications reading manuscripts for our 2017 catalogue. Check out our submission guidelines here. Our sub fees are all under $10, and we typically respond quickly. Our 2016 lineup is pretty sick, so you know you want to join our family. Send your stuff by April 1.

- Jordan Catalano, I'm coming for you.

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