List Of Publications


Playing One on TV (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2018)

The Birth Creatures (Agape Editions, 2016)

One Never Eats Four (ELJ Publications, 2014)

Moon Law (Wild Age Press, 2012)

Untitled/Eat At Room Temperature (Furniture Press Books, 2011)


"Texas Homecoming" in Queen Mob's Tea House (February 2017)

"Binge-Watching White Feminism" in Heavy Feather Review (January 2017)

"Copy Machine" in The Conium Review (volume 5, December 2016)

"Chaos Theory" in Meridian (Issue 37, May 2016)

"The Switch" in The Pinch (Issue 36.1, Spring 2016)

"The Playground" in Flapperhouse (Issue 7, Fall 2015)


"40 Weeks Pregnant and Done Being Angry" at Pregnant Chicken (May 2017)

On Chrissie Hynde and Self-Blaming Rape Victims for Luna Luna Magazine (Septemeber 2015)

Dear Teen Me (December 2012)


"Lockdown" in HYSTERIA Anthology (forthcoming)

"In the Aftermath of A Natural Disaster" in BOAAT (forthcoming)

"How to kick-box my way out of an archetype," "The quiet distance the world has put," and "Loving Patti Mayonnaise" in FreezeRay (Issue 13, June 2017)

"Carmelized Addiction" and "Fire Engine Red" in Jet Fuel Review (Issue 13, April 2017)

"Play Date Black" in decomP (April 2017)

"Lisa Turtle's Fashion Show," "Every Girl I Know is Angelica Pickles," "Lisa Turtle Comes Out of Her Shell," "All of It Explains It All," and "Joey Potter's Creek" in Quail Bell Magazine (Spring 2017)

"Poison Pink" in interrupture (Issue 19, February 2017)

"Angela Chase and McGruff House" in Public Pool (September 2016)

Poetry and interview in TheThe Poetry Blog (June 2016)

"Resolutions" and "A Spill on the Grid" in Posit (Issue 9, 2016)

"Color Wheel" in Stirring (Volume 18, Edition 2, February 2016)

Excerpt from The Birth Creatures in Menacing Hedge (Issue 5.02, Fall 2015)

"Juliet" in Really System (Issue Eight, Fall 2015)

"Feast on Top of A Smudged Glass Ceiling" in Fruita Pulp (Issue Ten, July 2015)

"Map of the Twentieth Century" in Flapper House (Issue Three, October 2014)

"July 12" in Tirage Monthly (Issue Nine, August 2014)

"Cancer" in Thirteen Myna Birds (August 2014)

"Apothecary" in Stone Highway Review (Issue 33, July 2014)

"growth", "spurt", and "shifts" in Vector Magazine (Issue Two, October 2013)

"One Never Eats Four", "Annual", and "Transfer" in Cricket Online Review (Volume IX, Issue 1, August 2013)

"Seesaw" at The Bakery (February 2013)

"Camera" in Dressing Room Poetry Journal (Issue 2, January 2013)

"Manmade Bridge" in Emerge Literary Journal (Issue 4, October 2012)

"Nest" in Bare Hands Poetry (Issue 10, August 2012)

"Scariest Night" in Eunoia Review (May 2012)

"How We Met" in Scissors and Spackle (Volume 1, Issue 6, April 2012)

"Blueprint For Spaces Between", "Cracks in Pavement", and "Faith Counter" in Emerge Literary Journal (Issue 2, April 2012)

"Tundra Bar" in Thunderclap! Magazine (Issue 8, March 2012)

"And All That Could Have Been" in Everyday Other Things (February 2012)

"Untitled" in A Handful of Stones (December 2011)

Interviews and Reviews

Interview: Grist with Katie Manning (November 2016)

Interview: Luna Luna Magazine with Joanna Valente (March 2016)

Interview: Mother Writers with Mary Harpin (March 2015)

Review of One Never Eats Four by Sara Biggs Chaney (October 2014)

Interview: Read Widely and Often with Andi Cumbo-Floyd (August 2014)

Review of One Never Eats Four by Christina Veladota (August 2014)

Review of One Never Eats Four by Steven Stam (August 2014)

Interview: Breaking Bread With ELJ with Ariana Den Bleyker (July 2014)

Interview: Writers on the Writing Process with Laura Davis (July 2014)


"Review of XENOS" and interview with Joanna Valente for Entropy (March 2017)

Review of Heliopause for Whale Road Review (Issue Three, June 2016)

Review of Zero to Three for The Rumpus (July 2015)

Review of Hints and Folding Water for The Mom Egg (January 2015)

Review of Begging for It for Gently Read Literature (January 2014)

Review of Pretty the Ugly for ELJ Publications (March 2013)

Review of Birth in Storm for ELJ Publications (March 2013)

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